Omni-channel strategies to optimise communication in the Chinese market.

Thanks to our extensive experience and solid partnerships with leading Chinese technology companies, we can offer you privileged access to the most influential digital platforms in China, allowing you to reach a wide audience and effectively amplify the brand awareness of your company.


China represents the world's largest digital market, with over 1 billion Internet users.

The unique development of the Internet in China has created a distinctive and vibrant digital landscape, with local platforms reflecting the cultural and behavioural preferences of Chinese users, often surpassing global counterparts in functionality and adaptation to the local market.

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We operate on the major Chinese social media platforms, enhancing our clients’ communication in a targeted and effective manner, enabling them to reach their target audience with precision and impact.

The lifestyle social eCommerce platform embodies the power of human connection in marketing. Acclaimed as an example of human-to-human (H2H) marketing by Philip Kotler, this platform allows users to share purchasing experiences through user-generated content (UGC), fostering trust and mutual interaction between brands and users. With the consumer voice at its core, companies connect authentically and meaningfully with their audience.


An essential app in the lives of millions of people in China, WeChat offers a wide range of features to meet daily needs, provide entertainment, and even facilitate shopping. With Official Accounts, WeChat operates as the online reference point for brands looking to establish their official presence in the Chinese market. Official Accounts serve as websites, allowing for private traffic.

Commonly referred to as the “Google of China,” it holds a prominent position in the Chinese search engine market. Over the years, Baidu has expanded its offerings, introducing new features to meet the needs of Chinese users. Among its various offerings, the online encyclopedia Baidu Baike provides detailed information on various topics, including commercial ones and companies. Additionally, it has developed a cloud storage service and a keyword-based discussion forum, Baidu Zhidao. Optimising presence on Baidu is crucial for visibility to Chinese web users. 

The Chinese version of TikTok, called Douyin, has attracted millions of users of all ages in China with its captivating short videos. It has continuously introduced new features such as live streaming and integrated stores for direct purchases. Douyin provides personalised content based on user interests, and it has extended this approach to include eCommerce functionality. This personalised approach enables brands to effectively target their audience, improving their chances of success in the Chinese market. 

Ctrip is one of the leading online travel agencies (OTAs) in China, with a huge user base that makes it an essential tool for international tourism entities. It offers travellers a wide range of services for booking flights, hotels, vacation packages, and more, ensuring a complete and convenient experience. Through strategic partnerships and targeted campaigns, it helps tourism destinations promote their strengths, attracting the attention of Chinese travellers and encouraging them to explore new destinations. 


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Thanks to our extensive experience and deep expertise in Chinese digital marketing, we are well-positioned to assist your company in crafting effective strategies aimed at navigating and thriving in the ever-evolving market dynamics.


Business multisectoral know-how

Our experts specialize in developing targeted strategies for promoting brands across a wide range of sectors. From the F&B to Furniture, from B2B to tourism, we structure effective and personalized projects that increase your visibility and competitiveness.

Always updated experts and digital trend monitoring

We stand out for our commitment to continuous training and constant updating on the latest digital trends. We carefully monitor market evolutions and analyze the preferences of the target audience to offer always cutting-edge solutions.

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