The communication platform for efficient business management.

Initially known as WeChat Work, WeCom is the evolution of WeChat for the business world. It allows your company to connect directly with end consumers, partners, distributors, and collaborators. With WeCom, you can guide potential customers through the top of the funnel and engage them personally with your sales team, who can reassign conversations as needed.

Efficient Business Management with a single app.

Born from the need to separate private life from work life, Tencent created WeCom, which has supplanted WeChat and email as business communication tools. Fully integrated with WeChat, leveraging chats, Mini Programs, and WeChat Pay, WeCom enables you to interact with customers uniformly and professionally, ensuring efficient customer relationship management by your company and maintained even in case of team changes. Moreover, it offers a series of advantages to improving office and team management.


WeCom account creation

We guide you step-by-step in creating the WeCom account for your company. We not only provide a functional account but also offer personalized training to make the most of it. It means you will be able to use WeCom efficiently and effectively from the start. With the operational WeCom account, you will have access to a virtual work environment where you can organize your colleagues into teams and engage directly with your company’s customers.

Integration with WeChat

We support you in integrating WeCom with WeChat Channels and Mini Programs to expand your company’s online presence and improve customer interaction. By linking your company’s WeChat account to the WeCom profiles of employees, you can create additional touchpoints for customers, thereby increasing brand visibility and generating increased traffic. This integration helps to strengthen the bond between your company and its customers.

Communication and collaboration

Your company can offer personalized services to customers through single or group chats, thereby improving communication and collaboration. With WeCom, you can store all customer conversations in a centralized company area, no longer dependent on individual employees. In case of personnel changes, the relationship with customers will remain stable and continuous.

Optimization with CRM

We develop an exclusive CRM for the Chinese market specifically for your company. Through data analysis services provided by Tencent Cloud, your brand can continuously optimize its acquisition strategies, thanks to a better understanding of its customers’ needs and adapting its offers accordingly.

Official partner

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Official Partner

The close partnership with Tencent enables us to maximize your growth opportunities and strategically strengthen your presence in the Chinese market in an innovative manner. Leveraging WeCom, your company can guide potential customers through the initial stages of engagement, personally engaging them with our dedicated sales team who manage conversations effectively and purposefully.

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Access to advanced promotional tools

Thanks to our extensive experience and deep expertise in Chinese digital marketing, we are well-positioned to assist your company in crafting effective strategies aimed at navigating and thriving within the ever-evolving market dynamics. 

Business multisectoral know-how

Our experts specialize in developing targeted strategies for promoting brands across a wide range of sectors. From the F&B to Furniture, from B2B to tourism, we structure effective and personalized projects that increase your visibility and competitiveness.

Always updated experts and digital trend monitoring

We stand out for our commitment to continuous training and constant updating on the latest digital trends. We carefully monitor market evolutions and analyze the preferences of the target audience to offer always cutting-edge solutions.

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