Advanced solutions to protect your brand and products in the Chinese market.

We provide an integrated solution designed to ensure the authenticity of your company’s products and protect them from counterfeiting threats. Our phigital identification system uses NFC tags embedded in your products, integrated with an IT platform based on China’s largest blockchain platform, Alibaba AntChain.

Blockchain and IoT for complete trust and transparency.

AntChain TaaS offers a blockchain-based traceability solution integrated with Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to ensure trust, increase efficiency, and provide end-to-end transparency across the entire supply chain. This synergistic integration of technologies significantly improves supply chain management. Through IoT technologies, Ant TaaS creates a digital twin for each product on the blockchain. Additionally, the provided analytics allow access to detailed information on product distribution and consumers, facilitating the detection of channel conflicts and the implementation of corrective actions.


Advanced tracking system

Our service offers continuous tracking of each product along the entire supply chain, helping you maintain full control over your company’s items. We use an advanced IT system that leverages customized NFC tags for each original product, making them impossible to replicate. This minimizes the risk of counterfeiting and ensures the authenticity of your products.

Customized alerts for monitoring

Your company can set customized alerts to monitor the product journey and detect any anomalies, ensuring continuous protection against counterfeiting. The system allows for timely intervention in case of issues, improving supply chain management. This advanced level of control is essential to maintain the integrity of your products in the market.

Data access at every stage

By scanning the NFC tags, users can access data and information at every stage of the process, from production to distribution. This ensures total transparency about the origin and authenticity of the items, increasing customer trust in your company’s products. Integrating our system will allow you to monitor the entire distribution chain in China through a comprehensive and intuitive platform.

Partnership and advanced verification

Thanks to our partnership with the Alibaba Group and the implementation of verification through the WeChat Mini Program platform, your company will have a detailed and real-time view of the management of its distribution chain. You will be able to track product movements in the Chinese market with precision, ensuring efficient and secure management of your supply network.

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Why choose Value China

Mitigating the risk of counterfeit products

With the use of customized NFC tags, your products will be protected against counterfeiting. This advanced system makes it impossible to replicate the tags, ensuring that only authentic items reach customers, thereby increasing trust and enhancing the reputation of your brand.

Transparency and full product control

The continuous tracking system allows users to access detailed data and information at every stage of the supply chain, from production to distribution. This level of transparency ensures complete control over the origin and authenticity of the products.

Effective monitoring and management

The ability to set customized alerts to monitor the product journey and detect anomalies enables proactive supply chain management. Your company can optimize its supply network, ensuring superior operational efficiency.

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