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We guide you through the entire process of digitizing your company for the Chinese market. Having a digital presence in China is essential to seize the opportunities of this rapidly expanding market and remain competitive. Starting with an in-depth analysis of your current digital tools, we identify strengths and areas for improvement to completely renew your business approach and lead your company towards a successful future.


The changing dynamics of the Chinese market and its consumption habits present complex challenges to Western companies.

With its rapidly growing economy and vast market of digital consumers, China represents one of the most significant challenges and opportunities for global businesses. The country has become a hub of technological innovation, with widespread mobile device adoption, increasing internet penetration, and an ever-expanding digital economy. In this context, companies must adapt quickly to stay competitive and capitalize on the opportunities offered by the growing digitalization of Chinese society. Digital transformation is no longer an option but a requisite for companies that want to thrive in this highly competitive and dynamic environment.

Discover our services

Innovative and highly customized solutions, specially designed to optimally and comprehensively meet your company’s needs in the digital context of the Chinese market.

We design and develop your company’s WeChat Mini Programs with personalized and attractive designs. Integrated within the WeChat app, Mini Programs offer a seamless user experience and a wide range of functionalities, from productivity tools to entertaining games, without downloading a separate app.  Discover

As the only certified provider in Italy of WeCom, we specialise in the implementation and customization of the integrated smart business platform WeCom, connected with WeChat. This tool optimises communication and staff management in China, allowing your company to access a dedicated CRM database and personally engage your customers with your sales team. Discover

The solution allows your company’s products to be tracked and on the Chinese market. Implementing verification through the WeChat Mini Program provides an overview of the entire supply chain and the movement of your products in the Chinese market. Discover


Why choose Value China

Brand protection and supply chain management

Your company will have a complete overview of supply chain management and product movement in China. This not only protects the brand from imitation and fraud but also ensures the quality and authenticity of products, increasing consumer trust and brand reputation in the Chinese market.

Customized and innovative solutions

Highly customized solutions like WeChat Mini Programs and WeCom allow your company to optimize user experience and business management in China. WeChat Mini Programs offer smooth and multifunctional interaction, while WeCom enhances operational efficiency and customer engagement.

Adaptation to the Chinese market

Our services, specifically designed for the Chinese market, help your company navigate and adapt to the unique dynamics of this context. With a targeted digital strategy, your company can leverage the opportunities offered by China’s rapidly growing economy, maintaining a competitive position.


What benefits can we offer your company?

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