The first digital solution for trade shows, events, exhibitions, conferences and forums to reach global buyers, including Chinese ones


Fairs, major events, exhibitions, conferences and forums


Buyers, participants from all over the world


Connecting exhibitors with Western and Eastern buyers

Our Solution

Smart Exhibition is a cross-platform solution, modular and integrable with existing platforms, to connect and transmit your event to buyers and participants from all over the world.

Our solution will elevate your offer, bringing the digital event directly to the Web, iOS, Android, Facebook live, Youtube live, Tencent Video and Mini Program WeChat and will offer worldwide coverage to the interested audience.



Virtual stand

An interactive and customizable digital space to create opportunities and business among exhibitors and buyers. The digital form of the offline event with communication and networking function with the right business partner, conveniently from a smartphone or web.


Booking & matching

An intelligent matching and booking system for exhibitors and participants aimed to manage the events’ schedule and virtual meetings on various platforms. Facilitates the appointments’ management by optimizing the time of all operators.


Cross-platform live video broadcasting

Communicate to a large audience through events and seminars and broadcast live on all the most used platforms at low latency, with total security and HD quality.



Live chat and conferences

Our technology, tested by over a billion users, allows exhibitors to hold one-to-one live conferences with buyers and easily manage one-to-many live conferences.


Customer Data Platform

Thanks to the Neosperience Cloud platform for data collection and analysis, you can effortlessly take advantage of all the most relevant data and results obtained in real-time from the Smart Exhibition solution.


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