Take advantage of the full potential of the WeChat ecosystem to engage Chinese tourists in exclusive cultural experiences. Even from a distance.


Museums, galleries, tourist attractions


Chinese tourists


Promote cultural experiences to Chinese customers

Our Solution

Smart Attraction is our digital solution for attractions and museums. Digitise your events and your building, integrating them into the WeChat ecosystem, and offer immersive experiences through Mini Programs

Bring virtual attractions directly to Chinese tourists’ smartphones allowing tickets and merchandise purchase in WeChat.



Cloud experience

Digitise and bring your activities online, reducing distance and expanding your customer base. For remote promotion and on-site use, Smart Attraction will be an effective tool to communicate with the new, virtual or real, Chinese visitor.


Digital visiting

Through maps, photos, images or 3D models, it will be possible to guide the tourist in the multimedia contents exploration. Audio guides, history and cards of the exhibits increase the curiosity of potential visitors.


E-commerce & Ticketing

Our solution allows you to include merchandising and souvenirs for sale in the Mini Program, thanks to WeChat Pay integration, in addition to the fundamental sales function (direct and presale) of entrance tickets.

main functionality 1
main functionality 4
main functionality 3
main functionality 2


Supplementary Modules

  • Catalogues and audio guide in Chinese
  • Customer care
  • Social sharing
  • Smart map, floorplan
  • E-commerce e ticketing
  • Virtual tour
  • System integration



Wanhub is the most innovative management and CDP platform for Mini Programs on WeChat, developed by Value China and supported by Tencent Cloud.

Our technology allows you to get all tourist data in real-time and connect them to a CRM to create your database asset on Chinese customers.

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