Influencer marketing in China to develop your business

Increase the popularity of your products through the most suitable influencer for your brand to launch viral marketing campaigns.

Personalities with a strong influence on Chinese social networks guide the purchasing choices of large groups of followers. In China, influencers are not all the same, but they stand out in KOL and KOC.

KOL: Famous people, celebrities, social media stars paid to promote products and services
(millions of followers)
KOC: regular consumers who review products they have purchased on social networks (thousands of followers)


Find the influencer consistent with your company's positioning and goal

Collaborate with influencers reflecting your corporate personality, who will connect with your potential customers.

We will support you in choosing the most suitable influencers for your brand.


Create ad hoc campaigns

Work with influencers to create interest in your products and reach a wide range of consumers.

Our team will help you create successful marketing campaigns.


Collaborate with industry experts

Create live streams with a high conversion rate, thanks to the participation of influencers with a loyal follower base.

We will help you organize live streams with a high engagement rate.

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