Strategic consulting for your company

Our consulting approach allows us to create a tailor-made project with you to achieve your goals, taking into account your specific characteristics and needs.

Our team of Chinese professionals is regularly updated on the latest market trends to process high-quality market research and provide the best strategic solutions for your growth in China.

Our partnerships with some of the most influential players in the Chinese digital world, including Tencent, Alibaba, Bytedance, Weibo and Ctrip, and with official Chinese institutions such as the Italy China Chamber of Commerce, the Italy China Foundation and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China, offer you an absolute quality service aimed at achieving your goals.

Our project managers have extensive experience in strategic consulting in China.

For this, we can offer you detailed market analyzes in various sectors and assist you in the development of effective marketing strategies always updated on the dynamic Chinese digital market.


Market research

We want to provide companies with a decision-making base full of practical information to reveal any untapped opportunities and any risk factors. Our analyzes aim to understand the market and the socio-economic context in which the company operates, including competition, development of the reference sector and consumer behaviour.


Positioning on Chinese market

After understanding the characteristics and dynamics of the potential market, we help the company establish S.M.A.R.T goals. Our experts develop a winning communication strategy suitable for the Chinese market, suggesting the most appropriate digital channels for your company positioning.



Our goal is to be a guide for your company. For that, your understanding of the intrinsic dynamics of the Chinese market is relevant to us, so you will be able to acknowledge the reasons we recommend specific strategies and actions to take.

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