L’Oréal released its product on Tmall under a multi-media approach

Stefano Yu


The fast-rising young generation of consumers are expressing their love and passion for everything new in their own way, and the consumer market is also experiencing a new round of rule changes.

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Tmall Little Black Box, launched in March 2017, is considered as the trendsetter of young people’s lifestyle. It is a strategic product platform based on Alibaba’s big data and professional buyers’ selection mechanism. The platform serves the purpose to provide users with intelligent recommendations for new products from all around the world. In the past 3 years, It has become the most popular “top 1 product launch place” and “bestseller manufacturing machine” for brands.

L’Oréal and Tmall Little Black Box, with new marketing tactics to empower the brand applied, have successfully broken the transaction record of beauty and skincare products on Tmall Black Box, and built the product REVITALIFT Anti-Wrinkle Essence into the No.1 Essence on Tmall in April.

L’Oréal cloud-based experience space

As a revolutionary product, it addresses the needs of a new generation of consumers who are obsessed with the composition and proportion of skincare products. 

To better communicate this message to consumers, L’Oréal has created a first-of-its-kind cloud-based product experience space with the theme of escape room. The entertaining feature is designed to fully and effectively interact with consumers and achieve marketing purposes. The space contains four rooms, each of which corresponds to a key ingredient of the product. Through personal sharing of celebrities and professional supplementation of doctors, it made possible to educate consumers and plant grass (cultivate interest) in depth.

In addition to external promotion, consumers could also directly swipe down into the product experience space inside L’Oréal Tmall Flagship store to achieve a high degree of in-station lead-in. In this manner, not only will the marketing matrix of the e-commerce platform be built, but will also continue to accumulate social momentum and heat for the product release conference.

Live-streaming product release conference

On the product release day, the number of live views reached 220W+, bringing explosive increase in both reputation and sales for the brand. Besides the unveiling of the new product by brand ambassadors, Zhu Yilong, top actresses and professional doctors who previously interacted with consumers in the experience space also participated in the the live-streaming, to together create an unprecedented interactive experience for the viewers.

Multi-media exposure with KOLs for L’Oréal

Other than the cloud events, L’Oréal also had a comprehensive coverage matrix on every major media platform, namely Weibo, Xiaohongshu, WeChat, Tencent Video, Douyin, Youku ect.

While constantly publishing content on L’Oréal’s official accounts, more than 500 KOLs were also invited for collaborations. All of the campaigns continuously accumulate momentum and promote the product into every consumer’s life circle.

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