Whats Bilibili: Chinese Youtube or another Tik-Tok?

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What’s Bilibili?

Bilibili (NASDAQ: BILI), also know as B site (Chinese: B站), is a Chinese video sharing website, whose main shareholders are Tencent (13%), Alibaba (8%) and Sony (5%).

The categories of videos on Bilibili range from animation, comic, and game (ACG) to music, science, movie, daily life and even advertisement films. Besides the basic functions, it also creates original documentaries and anime shows and provides live-streaming service.

Till Q4 2019, the number of monthly active users on Bilibili has reached 130 million with a 40% YoY growth rate. (Xinhuanet). Besides, the improvement of commercialization capabilities has also helped increase the monthly paid users by 100% (YoY) to 8.8 million.

The mainpage

What’s special about it?

1. The Chinese Youtube

As known, Youtube is the world’s largest video website and a platform that encourages the creation of original content (UGC). Bilibili is very similar to it and also allows users to upload videos on the platform (either original or non-original). However, with UGC only being the basic function, Bilibili not limited to it.

It is more than Youtube on two main points. First, it has a subcultural focus and young user group. Second, PGC, namely original documentaries and anime shows, are also provided, making Bilibili a combination of Youtube and Netflix.


2. One-stop entertainment solution for Gen Z

Bilibili has always topped on ranking list of Chinese video platforms and social medias. Combined UCG and PUG videos, mobile games, live-streaming, short-video and documentaries, it is a one-stop entertainment solution for Generation Z in China. 

Data shows that 82% of Bilibili’s users are born between 1995-2009. Reminding of another platform Little Red Book (Xiaohongshu) who is also known for its young user group, a phenomenon of targeting Generation Z in China is revealed. Although worth to mention, compared to Xiaohongshu, where female users account for 70%, Bilibili has attracted more male users

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3. Subcultural and serious content build strong community

Although supporting functions such as live-streaming, Bilibili does not serve as a channel to spread mainstream and relaxing culture like tik-tok. In fact, it is more of a Chinese Youtube with Reddit content and Tik-tok format. 

Such a positioning replies on high-quality content and interactive mechanism to build a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, where solid communities could be breed. 

Original documentary of Bilibili

Bilibili as a marketing channel

Till now, you might be wondering how this channel could make use for your business. Here are 3 ways for marketing your brand on Bilibili:

1. Create official account and feed your audience

As most brands create their own channel on Youtube, it is also a choice to open an account on Bilibili for Chinese market. However, a study on users’ preference and a commitment to continuous feeds are certainly required before taking an action.

McDonald marketing campaign

2. Cooperate with existing uploader (KOL marketing)

KOL has always been a hot topic regarding marketing in China. As video marketing is getting more and more attention, cooperation with KOLs in this sector would be a wise choice for brands.

3. Live-streaming and live-comment interaction

Just like Xiaomi’s Mi10’s press conference in 2019. Only a real-time interaction would help to capture customer insights. 

Live-straming of Xiaomi

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